Welcome to Rainy Day Bullies

We are a small family run show kennel that Originated in Eugene, Oregon. We competed in sanctioned dog shows, built a solid reputation in the community and grew our Kennel with great breedings and partnerships with some amazing people.

As of May 2020 we have relocated to Bristolville, OH. We had the opportunity to buy  a home and 5 acres which gives our dogs more room to run, play and enjoy their lives in a country setting.

BUT we also brought in an Amazing couple to help us with RainyDayBullies Oregon! Which allows us to continue to bring Amazing dogs to the PNW

Both RDB Oregon and RDB Ohio are the same company with the same values and love for the breed. Having our kennel partners in Oregon allows us to send pups directly to them and you can pick up in person…

As much as every responsible breeder hates it, the bully world is full of scams, this is one of our steps to help future puppy owners feel secure in purchasing a pup from out of state. We feel it is important for not only you but US as well to pick up puppies in person and sign contracts. We have always and will continue to meet everyone who owns a dog from Rainy Day Bullies. Some of our best and closest friendships have begun over puppy sales and everyone knows that we are ALWAYS here to help with any issue or to answer any questions you may have 🙂

We also have a ton of references and positive feedback from puppy buyers, vets and even die-hard rescue advocates that were surprised and in love with the care and attention that we put into our dogs.

We specialize in Standard, Pocket and Microsize American Bullies. RDB really strives to produce functional, healthy, and happy family companions as well as exceptional show dogs

We live a “Pack” life with our dogs (Lots of fun, Car rides, Walks/Hikes, and very little kennel time) Our dogs are all indoor, integrated members of our household and are treated like family…

….because they are.

Rainy Day Bullies has been an established functioning kennel since 2010, we show in multiple states and multiple registrations including ABKC, UKC and BRC.

We selectively breed and limit the amount of litters we whelp a year. This really lets us focus on raising babies correctly, which makes them excellent members of their new families. Temperament is always #1 priority.

We take pride in creating long-term relationships with our puppy buyers….Most end up being great friends and extended family. We have tons of references both personal and professional.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all 🙂