Stoney- 18 Month old intact male. Great personality and very loving, listens well. Not a good fit for a home with another male dog but he is good with most other situations. 1500 Pet/2500 Full.
Banksy- 2 Year old Intact male, great all around dog…..LOVES attention. Will be your best Buddy ever. Would love to be part of a family home and go on all your summer adventures. Quiet and very sweet, great with all dogs. 2500 Pet/4500 Full

Louie- 1 Year old intact male,
great with other dogs, very active and busy…Needs a job or someone to hike, run, etc with him.
louie was a hold back as a show prospect and he would still do absolutely amazing there….just don’t have the time with the other dogs we have in varies stages of their show careers. Our loss.
2000 Pet/3000 Full

Boo…1 Year old female.

1 K Pet price/2k Full