This year we will be retiring 4 Adult bullies from our program. Shyna, Abracadabra, Ch. Notorious and Ch. Braavos.

This transition won’t happen for aprox another 6 months but if you are looking for an older bully we would love to chat and see if one of these 4 would integrate into your family life well.

RDBs Shyna Spotlight On Me.

Currently 3 Years old, Not dog friendly with either gender but LOOOOVES people.
listens well, leash, kennel, house trained with no bad vices. She loves walks and cuddles on the couch. Shyna would be best in a low energy home with a family that doesn’t travel much. She is not a fan of being in the car and prefers the comforts of her home and her people.
Shyna has been Vet checked yearly and is up to date on vaccines, worming and heart worm tests.
She does have seasonal allergies that require medication to keep her feeling her best.
If Shyna sounds like the right girl for you please send me an email and we can discuss her placement for the future.

RDBs Abracadabra “Abby”

Abby is a beautiful classic Piebald Blue Tri with 2 different colored eyes, she’s such a beauty!
She has been fine with both male and female dogs and puppies, we have a couple dogs she doesn’t do well with but most of them are fine.
She just turned 2 years old, Leash, Kennel and House trained. She’s a bit of a princess and does have some vices which are mostly her acting out when she doesn’t get her way lol She talks in her kennel and doesn’t feel like she should ever be contained, once she’s on the couch she turns into Glue and it’s hard to get this comfy girl up 😂😂😂  She prefers to be the center of attention at all times.
She’s the type of girl who will go all day so looking for a more active family for her. She’s playful and sweet, so goofy! She’s our Covid kiddo and a little scared once she’s out in public (Hates dog shows with the loud speakers and loud music) But with some work and patience she would be a great all around dog. Vet checked and Healthy.

Ch. (Soon to be!) Braavos

This boy….Such a Love ❤️
He is a 13 month old Son of Valyrian Steel and Bambi that we held back as a Show Prospect.
He is doing absolutely Amazing in the show ring and should have his title very shortly….Currently 10 pts shy. As much as we love this boy we have decided that he isn’t what we want to breed our females to, most are related closer then we would like so once we add his Champion certificate to our wall of titled productions he will be looking for either a pet home or a small kennel to stand as Stud.
Braavos is kennel, leash and house trained, does well in the car and is quiet and friendly to everyone.
He gets along with males and females, puppies and strangers. Loves kids and just wants to be held and loved on all day. He is mildly active and can go either direction (Chilling on the couch/Hiking all day)  I will say that as Handsome as Braavos is he reminds me of that Pretty boy football player in Highschool who gets all the girls and has all the muscles but the light just sometimes doesn’t turn on upstairs 😂😂😂 You will definitely get blank stares for this dude from time to time! He’s cute about it at least LOL He is also yearly vet checked and up to date on everything.

Braavos is also Genetic tested and clear (Except CRD4 which doesn’t effect this breed) He is Abkc/Brc Registered and easy to handle as a Stud dog, Zero aggression at all.