*Please note, the American Bully is a Luxury breed. Their pricing is very similar to the English Bulldog due to the same necessities to bring them into the world (Surgical insemination, Progesterone testing, C sections Etc)
I regularly see American Bullies and Exotic Bullies priced between $2500-$10,000+

Rainy Day Bullies will not have any puppies under $2,000 for pets and $2500+ for Dogs with full registration…This is Minimum pricing. Each litter is priced  differently according to Parents, Pedigree and Show titles. Please ask about specific pricing for the litter you are interested in.

PICKS WILL NOT BE MADE UNTIL 6 WEEKS OF AGE. Your deposit holds your spot to pick at 6 weeks, we will decide who we would like to keep and picks will open at 6 weeks old ❤️
I cannot guarantee you a specific pup before then.

Thank you for Understanding!

Please check “Available Puppies” page for individual pictures and availability